Glossybox January 2020

Good evening friends,

And welcome to The first (if only the last) Glossybox of 2020

This months glossy theme is ‘Sleep and Refresh’, and, yes, its a wild one!

Bybi – Strawberry Booster RRP £12 (Full size)

This booster can be applied to clean skin, allowing it to soak into your pours, or mixed in with your foundation. A nice extra touch to your make up each day, but it doesn’t make a massive difference with or without. And although it is ‘strawberry’, I cant smell anything.

Basic Beauty – Tweezers RRP £15.50 (Full size)

Well, tweezers are tweezers. They’re good ones, with a decent grip, and it’s always handy to have a spare pair. But not the most thrilling item for the first box of the year.

ModelCo – Clear Brow Gel RRP £14 (Full size)

What can I say? Game changer.

I lied. It’s clear gel. Calm yourselves.

Beautypro – CBD Oil Infused Mask RRP £5.99 (Full size)

Ive never tried any CBD products, and never been overly intrigued to do so.

But this sheet mask actually left my skin super soft and smelt amazing. It also had a perfect consistency. Not too wet or gloopy, just right.

Context – Micro Derm Regenerator RRP £6.50 (Mini delux)

I can’t really say this product had much of an effect, but I’m always happy to try new skin care. A bit of an anti climax since it was missing from my box, andi recieved it a week later.

Well underwhelmed doesn’t even cover it. This is the blandest box I think you could revieve. Considering the best product was the face mask which was one time use, this box was left uninspiring and boring selection.

Well this is the end of my review, but carry on reading below if you’re interested in the palava it was to recieve the box.

Kaya •

Not the best start to the year (you can say that again), but seriously, Glossybox, what were you thinking?

You will recieve your dispatch email between 5th and 12th of the month. Okay fine. But the 12th rolls round and I hadn’t recieved my email. Neither had how many dozens of others. And I know this, because Glossybox’s instagram comments were full of complaints.

Have a look for yourself, every month they are swarmed with complaints.

And I’m sure a majority of you are thinking ‘just contact customer service’. But we do! I have DM’d them on instagram, emailed them, webchat through their website, and you normally just recieve the same old, slightly patronising, ‘sorry lovely please contact our team’.

Commenting on their instagram posts seems like the best way to get their attention, which is awful!

Its extremly frustrating that.anyone in the ‘Glossy circle’, receives their box right at the beginning of the month, this applies to well know ‘influencers’ also. Sucks for your average person who has to wait for their box that theyve paid for themselves, whilst you have spoilers left right and centre! For example, on the 13th of January, they display the entire contents of the box. Thanks.

As I was saying, the 12th had rolled on by and I hadn’t recieved my email… neither had others, all the whilst Glossybox continue to post on their instagram page about how wonderful the box is.

The 17th hits and I finally recieve my box. With one item missing.

When I contact Glossybox they are reluctant to give me the product in the pamphlet, and instead offer me 20% back or a make up remover.

I declined and asked for the product as shown in the pamphlet. I was then told that it was a printing mistake.

Well it’s not a mistake if I’ve seen people from the ‘Glossy Circle’, recieve this product.

After a fair few emails my original item was sent… a week after my box.

Mid January I see a comment pop up under a photo from Glossybox to a customer. ‘We have been very busy over Christmas as there is a bit of a delay in sending out boxes’

You know how many Glossyboxes to send out to subscribers as you take our money 1st of the month.

Yes Christmas is a busy time, but it’s the same time every year and you’ve taken payments for subscribers on the 1st of the month and if you’re a yearly subscriber then you know how many subscribers you have because you’re taking their money every money without fail!

I’ve I told them I’ll pay you between the 5th and 12th, that wouldnt be acceptable.

If there should been a delay because you havent organised in advanced then you should let the customers know.

The amount if boxes that have been sent out with missing products is embarrassing, whilst their customer service is absolutely shocking!

Have a read of any of their comments on their instagram. It’s terrible!

I’d like to mention, I signed up for a 12 month subscription, but if I hadn’t, I’d been cancelling pronto!