Film review – Bad Boys for life

Hello and good evening friends,

I’ve had the idea for the past couple of months to do movie review with a twist.

150 words or less, with my own scoring system using some of my favourite tv/film quotes.

Scoring system 1 – 5

5. Absof*ckinlutly

4. Fetch

3. Well nobodys perfect

2. As if

1. Kastang! you’re busted

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I’ve been a bit tired up this month and my minds been somewhere else.

A cinema trip always helps to free your mind and relax. Enter, Bad Boys 3

Review (spoiler free)

After getting pulled into taking down the leader of a drug cartel, Lowery comes with guns blazing whilst Burnett is accepting that hes too old for it and is ready for retirement.

Martin Lawrence is hilarious as always, and brings heart to the film.Will Smith is Will Smith,alot of one liners and cockiness,but it works.

Captain (Joe Pantoliano), and a few other lovable characters return, along with a couple of fresh faces.
Vanessa Hudgens and Alexander Ludwig are a fantastic addition to the crew and fit in well with the film without it being too forceful, they’re a breath of fresh air.

Along with plenty of jokes and banter, surprisingly, this film pulls at your heart strings as well.

Fast paced action, witty dialogue, summer ready soundtrack, over the top fight scenes, perhaps slightly too predictable in places, and sprinkled with cheese, its exactly what you’d expect from Bad Boys.

Score – Fetch

Have you seen this film and what you rate it?

Kaya •

6 thoughts on “Film review – Bad Boys for life”

  1. Lol love your new rating system! I didn’t know Vanessa Hudgens & Alexander Ludwig were also in this film. I wanna see it even more now!

    Grear review, love. Thanks for sharing. 😊


      1. It is pretty hilarious! We actually wanted to watch it because Hot Fuzz is one of our favorite movies, and they reference it so much we wanted to see it to get the references. We are glad we did!

        Liked by 1 person

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