Not as planned

Good evening friends,

I hope you are all keeping well and the new year has been kind to you.

The last 2 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind and not overly pleasant.

I set up for a positive, productive and busy start to the year, but it didnt quite flow that way.

It’s a long one friends, so grab a cuppa and get cosy!

Let’s start with last week.

Tuesday 7th January

Now, it may seem like a bit of an over share, but, it’s important to speak about these topics, and can change your life if not addressed and checked out.

Now, tell me ladies, who here rejoice’s when they have to visit their Dr for their smear test?

Yes, me too.

It’s not the most pleasant way to spend your time, but it is essential.

So Tuesday morning I strolled along for my check up, and did not leave with the best experience.

This is disappointing as so many ladies dont attend because of embarrassment and fear of such an important, yet quick and easy appointment.

Without going into too much detail, let’s just say, for me, it wasn’t especially pleasant.

I dont know what she was doing down there?

Discussing lumps and bumps whilst the patient is in a compromising position is going to make you just a tad concerned and anxious. Also, she left me feeling very uncomfortable in pain.

I was told she ‘couldnt do it fully’ and that I’d have to see another dr in a few weeks time.

Let’s not be irrational but who can honestly say that wouldnt make you panic?

I left feeling worried, with my eyes filled with tears with so many questions and assumptions. When I got back to work I winced once sitting down. I was in alot of pain.

After a few hours of wriggling around, my manager told me to go home and try and relax.

1. Can you imagine how humiliating it would feel to tell your colleague and manager why you cant sit still at your desk, and why you’re in pain?

And 2. Can you imagine telling you male manager? Thankfully, my work colleagues are lovely people and very understanding, we didnt go into detail but they knew something clearly hadn’t been performed correctly and that sitting down wouldnt help me.

The next day I realised I was bruised. And I’m still awaiting my appointment. Please send positive thoughts my way…. my minds running away with itself!

Friday 10th January

This happened to someone extremly close to me.

After a call to the drs to make a non emergency appointment, was told to come in right aware, then sent to the hospital for emergency bloods to be taken, was told the worrying news, that they may have organ failure.

I lost it. I hysterically cried for the evening and after 1 week of all of us worrying, they finally got test results back to say that they are okay. But my god, I was besides myself. When one of the most important people in your world tells you something like that, you feel helpless and broken.

This week I have just felt defeated with the news, and I have been trying to hold it together. I thought my heart was going to break.

I cant even tell you how thankful I am that they got good news and that we can think onwards and upwards.


Saturday 11th January

My other half and I were watching a movie in the living room, when we recieved a knock at the door.

Our downstairs neighbour’s house sitting apologied that it was so late (11.30pm), but she had water pouring through the kitchen and that it was coming from our home.

We dashed to the spare bedroom when we found water gushing through the light fittings and down the walls.

I ran upstairs and banged on the door but no one answered. I could hear the water pouring through the door.

After calling the emergency numbers for the building, and 999, incase there was someone in need in the at above, the police finally came, knocked in the door to find a pipe had burst, and luckily no one at home hurt, or worse!

The water was turned off but we were told that the water had no other escape apart from through our ceiling. The water escaped through to our hallway and bed room a little as well, but nothing too bad.

One of the walks when we were first notified. All looks awful

We now have a dehumidifier in the spare room, with water stains on the wall and ceilings and the belongings from that room, and the airing cupboard now in the bedroom and living room. My goodness…. theres alot of everything everywhere!

Luckily the only things that need to be replaced are some Christmas decorations, fancy dress and some canvas drawers.

You dont realise how much you own until you have to more it all in a hurry whilst being dripped on! It was like packing uo your belongings in the rain!

I feel terrible for the tenant upstairs who would of had to come home to such a mess. I’m extremly thankful for the house sitter downstairs otherwise we would of finished our film, got to bed and been oblivious to the whole situation and it could of ended very badly!

Sunday 12th January

We didnt know how much more water would be seeping through to the bedroom, so we dragged the mattress into the living room and decided to sleep in their for the night.

When you’re sleeping in a different room, you hear alot that you’re not used to. For instance, I didnt realise how fridge freezer made such alot of noise. Well until it didnt.

3pm Sunday afternoon, we opened the fridge door and noticed that items were no longer cold.

You guessed it. The fridge freezer broke.

By this time I was laughing.

Worrying about myself and a loved ones drs appt, the ceilings leaking and the flat being cramped and messy and now the fridge freezer.

It could of been worse

Luckily we were home and were about to bag up all frozen meats, cheese, and more costly items to replace, and store them in a friends freezer who lives just a few minutes drive away.

After a terrible experience at Currys, (seriously it’s as if they deliberately want to offend and be rude to their customers) and shopping around at other stores, we will now be recieveing our new fridge freezer on Monday. I cannot wait!

This past week and a half has left me feeling so low and deflated.

My minds been all over the place. My moods dropped and hard to lift. My home doesn’t look like home. The dehumidifier and stuffyness has affected my breathing. And not having a fridgefreeser has made cooking tricky. I cant store anything. I have to buy fresh meat for meals, cant store milk for tea or breakfast, cant meal prep as I dont have anywhere to chill food, it’s just irritating.

Well friends, I think you’re all caught up now. Finally, from tomorrow I hope to get back on track with life, family and friends, blogging and kicking Januarys ass with some new years goals…. here’s hoping!

Kaya •

12 thoughts on “Not as planned”

  1. Sorry to hear that you had a very eventful few days. Hopefully the grotty part of the year is already out the way and the rest of 2020 is going to be filled with experiences to make great memories. And I hope your follow-up appointment is nothing like the one you had with the nurse XX

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  2. Oh Kaya, I am so so sorry for the week you had. You need to make a report about that doctor who performed your smear test. She shouldn’t have bruised you & should have been way more informative. I hope your follow up appointment goes much, much better & that you’re in tip top shape. ♡

    I am really glad to hear that your friend received good news. My heart breaks for the fear you must have felt though.

    That is so crazy about the water leaking & then the fridge. This only means the best things are headed your way after you get over these few bumps! ♡

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    1. Hey lovely,
      It was bloody awful, and still on going. I think I need to put up a blog for just smear tests alone, it’s all been such a mess, and I still havent had it done! I just want it over and done with and for my results to come back with me healthy and safe.
      Thank you for your kind words, yes I’m very thankful shes okay. I just broke. It’s awful when you dint have control and you just have to wait.

      I’m not gonna lie, Janusry has been shitty, and I’ve tried my best to look at the positives lol!
      Thank you for your comment and support as always xxxx

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      1. I’d definitely be interested in reading your post on smear tests. I can’t believe you still haven’t got your results, that’s so nerve-wracking but, everything will be okay. ❤ You will be declared healthy & safe!

        February is just around the corner, it's gonna be your best month yet! ❤

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  3. Jeees, that’s a lot going on. Firstly, I’m glad that person if your life who had the tests is okay. When it rains it pours (excuse the pun!) with the plumbing then the freezer. What a nightmare! I can’t really find many silver linings but I guess it’s good it didn’t all happen on Christmas Eve? 😂 With the smear, tilted womb/cervix maybe? Try not to panic, I had to have mine redone but I’ve got ‘issues’ so I wasn’t surprised, it just meant going back three times and a hell of a lot of pain. But that’s because I’ve got a tilted womb and such (apparently, had no idea) plus other things that’ve made it more difficult. Getting a different doc, angling your back/bum a bit should help. You’ll be all good!
    Caz xx

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    1. Hey Caz,
      Lol puns fine, I couldnt get my head round everything happening, and I’m still waiting to have my next appt, we still have the dehumidifier, and still need to get rid of the old fridge freezer. Not alls gone to plan but I’m staying positive, motivated and focusing in what I can do to make life easier/happier, and myself stronger. Just pretty drained atm and I really dont do well with admitting that I’m stressed, slightly in denial.
      Thank you for sharing with me, I’m glad I’m not the only one, she made me feel inconvenient.
      Fingers crossed itll all be sorted next time.
      Thank you for your kind words and commenting xxxxx


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