Blogmas Day 26 – I only went out for milk… Boxing day Haul

Good evening friends,

Okay, I had no intention, not one, to leave the house on Boxing day, I planned to spend the day in Batman Pjs, eating left overs, cereal and playing video games… but we needed milk.

And in order to buy milk we walked into town, and through Boots, and past the Soap and Glory section. And then things happened.

Soap and Glory

Original Pink Collection Tin £10, £5

Make your smooth £5, £2.50

Paper Place

2020 Calender Afternoon Tea Calender and diary £5, £1.50

Being organised and encouraged to bake? Yes and yes!

The works

Pocket diary 2020 £3, £1.50

Mad Beauty

Disney, Bath Fizzer Trio £4, £0.99

I Heart Revolution

I heart revolution vending machine £50, £20 (£20 in Superdrug, but £15 on the revolution website)

For £20, you get alot for your money! And I was incredibly impressed with the variety of products –

2 mini eyeshadow palettes (chocolate salted caramel, dark, white)

1 blusher palette,

1 bronzer pallette

Make up blending sponge

3 mini eye brushes

3 x lipglosses

Kabuki brush,

Powdered Sugar loose baking powder,

Mini Pink Lemonade setting spray

Did you treat yourself in the boxing day sales? And if so, what did you buy?

Kaya •

7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 26 – I only went out for milk… Boxing day Haul”

  1. Dang, Kaya, you found some amazing deals! I’ve heard such good things about Soap & Glory, I need to try some of their products. Which ones have been your favorite?

    The calendar, planner & bath fizzes are adorable! Can’t believe how much you got in that Revolution vending machine, too!

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    1. Thank you lovely! I think the Flake away is my favourite. It smells amazing (tbh they all do), does a great job and isn’t too harsh on your skin.
      The bath fizzers are lush! And the vending machine was amazing, great value for money, but it could of easily been a third of the size…there was so much packaging! Xx

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  2. I totally relate to this, the deals you can get from boots after Christmas are mad and addictive! jealous of the soap and glory set, hope you had a festive season xxx

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  3. Good buys there. I can see why it was tempting. Boxing Day I never left my flat, as it was a day with the neighbour; lunch in which we both provided food and dvd’s as well as chat.
    Prior to that, I did shop online to order my single bed and matress I wanted. But it wasn’t in a sale by that point. This is what I knew I be doing for a few months.
    I did get a second single duvet set a couple of weeks back. It was in a sale. I think £5 off original price.


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