Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 20 – No more please

Good evening friends, Blogmas day 20, and we are finally back on track.

We are also feeling extremly unwell.

‘Tis the season’, for catching a cold, sickness bugs!

I had terrible stomach pains and waves of sickness yesterday at work.

A sickness bug has affected a few at work and I was hoping that I was just being paranoid.

Hoping it would pass, I finished at 5 feeling sorry for myself, and then cancelled plans in the evenings.

Although at the time I was just feeling rough, my partner and I were due to meet friends, one, who is pregnant. I dont want to be around anyone, especially someone pregnant when I feel ill.

That awful sicky and cramping feeling stayed with me all of last night, I woke up this evening ready for work, thought I’d have a nice shower to freshen up, and then quickly jumped out to be sick.


I have to say, I’m not the best ill person. I’m stubborn. I hate laying around feeling unwell and having my stomach gurgle, waiting to be sick.

I also hate the fact that I’ve only been at my new job a few months and I’ve had to take a a off sick. That’s really sh*t.

I feel weak and crappy; hungry but only braving small pieces of dry food.

My body is aching, and feels bruised. My head hurts from dehydration (I’m scared to drink more than a few sips of water at a time), I’m frustrated laying here in certain positions trying to get comfortable and fed up of the sharp pains.

I have a weekend full of christmas fun to look forward to and will be irritated if I miss anything.

So here to resting up, binge watch another season of Sex and the city, having a festive fun weekend and kicking ass at work on Monday!

Apologies if this comes across as a negative post, but I’m feeling terrible, and just because its blogmas, doesn’t mean we cant be real and honest

Kaya •