Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 18 – The food bank

Good afternoon friends,

This blogmas post is short, fast but important.

This year, I’m sending out a friendly reminder that Christmas is about love, giving, sharing, and making memories. Well, that’s what it means to me.

For some this season is all about decorations, a tree, presents and masses of holiday food, and if you do or dont decide to celebrate christmas that way, then each to their own, what ever makes you happy.

A christmas dinner I feel, is important its just one meal, with maybe a few treats around it.

This year, the same as last, I’ve been donating to the local food bank.

Buying the trimmings and sweets for Christmas day can really add up, and not everyone is as fortunate to afford it.

A few items whilst shopping, with the intention of donating the few pounds worth to the food bank could make the world of difference to a family for that one special day.

I understand that food banks recieve more at christmas, and then less through out the year, but surely they could, if needs be, put goods by for next month?

From next month, I’m going tintry to rememeber to buy £5 worth of food for the food bank each month. It might not seem like alot, but £60 a year could really make a difference.

Kaya •