Blogmas Day 12 – 12 books for 12 months

Good evening all!

Last year, I had got back into reading, and forgot how much I loved it.

At the beginning of the year I wanted to set myself the challenge to read more books, 12 to be exact.

I was given a few books as gifts, bought a few from the works (normally 3 for £5), or picked a few at charity shops.

I always made sure I had options as sometimes you’re not always in the mood for a certain genre depending on what else you have going on in the real world, and you never want it to be a chore to read, I love getting lost in a book.

This year I’ve read 10 full books and have 2 that I’ve stopped and started, which I am close to finishing.

Now you may think, that’s an odd way to read a book, but I had accidentally moved one onto the book shelf that then got pushed to the back, and another fell down the side of the bed and I forgot to retrieve it until recent.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading, weather it be a few pages in the morning, on my lunch break, travelling, or on holiday.

I hate to admit it, but I’m sure I’m not the only one, but the amount of times I picked up my phone to have a scroll on social media or find myself on a clothes website, I’d realise what I was doing and put down my phone and picked up a book.

Heres a list of my 12 books (in no particular order)

1. Enchantment. The life of Audrey Hepburn – Donald Spoto

2. The autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr – Edited by Clayborne Carson

3. The Tenko Club – Elizabeth Noble

4. Twos Company – Jill Mansell

5. Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick

6. Down the rabbit hole – Holly Madison

7. The sunday Lunch club – Juliet Ashton

8. Not quite Nice – Celia Imrie

9. No! I dont want to join a book club – Virginia Ironside

10. We’re going to need more wine – Gabrielle Union

11. You Gotta get bigger dreams – Alan Cumming

12. Around the way girl – Taraji P Henson

I didnt think I would have favourites, but 2 stood out.

You gotta get bigger dreams, My life in stories and pictures – Alan Cumming

The Sunday Lunch Club – Juliet Ashton

Alan Cumming. I absolutely adore this man, ever since I saw him in Spy Kids when I was about 10 years old, I was infatuated with him. I did have quite a crush (yes I know hes gay but still), not just on his appearance but his charisma, that wonderfully mischievous smile and sparkle in his eyes, that natural humour. I later watched him in Josie and The Pussycats, and also the Goodwife, to name some of my favourites, where he plays a completely different and incredibley believable charachter everytime. One of those fantastic actors that make you wonder… has his personality shone through, is that a glimmer of him, what is he like in person? I watched dozens of interviews with him, and love him even more. An intelligent, witty, caring, strong, honest, inspiring man. And his book truly showed me that even more so. Even if you’ve never had an interest in him, read this book, he is raw and relatable, such a pleasure to read.

The Sunday Lunch Club

When I first read the title I immediately thought about ladies who lunch… this is not the case at all.

In places this book had me laughing so far, feeling my heart ache and also frustrated with the characters situations. That’s what I want in a book, to really care about what’s happening. And this one kept me on my toes as well, at times I thought, ‘well this is going to be predictable’, and then plot twist. ‘Morish’ is the perfect word for the book, I’d strongly reccomend this book for anyone, anytime, and mood.

I aim to read at least 12 books again next year. Although I would like to double that but it may be unrealistic as I have exams next year, so studying will be my priority.

I’m pleased that I set myself this challenge and succeeded, and helped to open my eyes a little as well.

I have around 7 or 8 more books in place for next year already, that doesn’t mean that those are the ones that I’ll be reading, but it’s good to start somewhere

Kaya •