Blogmas 2019, Hauls

Blogmas Day 10 – NYX Haul

Good evening all,

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, then you know that I’ve been reviewing Glossybox for the last 9 months.

Glossybox give you the option to complete surveys on the monthly box and individual products. Once doing this, you can earn credit to spend in the ‘Glossy Lounge’ (online store), or on the ‘Look Fantastic’ website.

I didnt realise that I had built up £20 to spend and then was given an additional £10 from Look fantastic to all Glossybox subscribers on Black Friday.

With £30 to spend, I thought I’d treat myself to a few new lip products.

As I scrolled through, I saw the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream at £4.68 each and the Suede lip pencils at £3.12 each and that they were also 3 for 2, mix and match!

Well, I treated myself, didnt I?!

I bought 5 Soft Matte Lip Creams and 4 suede pencils for a total of £26.52 with free delivery!


Now, this was a bit more of a Barbie Pink that I expected, but I love it! The NYX lip creams are long wearing, so I know that this colour will stay strong and not flaked, giving me the confidence to rock such a candy pink!

Abu Dhabi

Ive bought this lip cream quite a few times before. It’s a staple, a perfect nude brown.


This lip cream is a bit brighter in person but I didnt want to mess around editing the picture. It is a lighty more dark peach colour, something a little different but still beautiful.


The perfect red! Again, the shade is slightly deeper/stronger but I didnt want to mess with the settings. I adore this red. I’ve been looking for this shade for the longest time, and with the formula it is just perfect.


Well, I couldnt not buy a dark red could I? This one again, is a much deeper richer shade.

The 4 suede lip pencils I bought were equally gorgeous.

Although not all of them matched the lip cream perfectly, they will suit other lip products I own.

From top to bottom

Respect the pink

Rose the day

Cherry skies


I’m thrilled that I was able to buy these 9 products, without actually using any real money… if that makes sense? It’s always nice to treat yourself, and especially around Christmas, and it helps that I can have a good clear out of make up in december/January, knowing that the products are a year old and are on their way out.

Do you use NYX products? And do you have a favourite shade of the lip creams?

Kaya •