Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 5 – A gift from me to me (mini haul)

Good evening and Happy Blogmas Day 5!

Yesterday family and I had a little mooch in Southampton to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

Although I’d finished my shopping, I decided to treat myself to a little something something.

I’ve decided that I will not be participating in the Boxing day sales and will have a no spend January, so I thought I may as well buy what I want now whilst I’ve got a clear mind and am not swayed by the sales.

Mini fragrance set and travel pouch, M&S £11.25

I love perfume, but I tend to buy bigger bottles, and normally they’re better value for money, but I dont like the thought of a glass bottle hanging around in my handbag.

Luckily I was able to smell a few of these fragrances as there were tester bottles available. I smelt 3/6 and thought the scents were gorgeous.
6 mini perfumes, plus a travel pouch at half price for £11.25? Fantastic value, and a lovely idea for yourself, or others.

Tight Fit Ankle Length Leggings Primark £6

I’ve recently discovered that my favourite running trousers has some holes in them. Erm, slightly awkward, but no matter! I’ve had a pair of their sports trousers before and they’ve been fantastic. I maybe should of picked up a second pair?

17 Month Diary, TK Maxx £8.99

A Diary is a necessity, and a 12 month + one is a bonus! My poor boyfriend, we carried about half a dozen around the shop as I couldn’t make up my mind. New pages/allocated space idea kept popping in my head. I then proceeded to stop and look through each of them multiply times to make sure that they had all the specific pages I wanted. But this bad boy has them all and more.

Im sure I’m not the only one that puts that much thought into a diary?

Pen set – Primark £1.50

If I’ve bought a new diary, then obviously I need a new pen… Obviously.

I love stationary, and glitter, and believe me, if they had a variety of colours, I would of bought them all!

Pink printed mug – TK Maxx £3.99

I’ve been looking for a nice big mug for winter. I wanted one big enough for a large cuppa tea (1 bucket of tea over here please!), and one that’s big enough for soup.

Nothing better than a big mug/bowl of soup and crusty bread in the winter to warm you up.

Have you treated yourself this season? And if so, what have you bought?

Kaya •

10 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5 – A gift from me to me (mini haul)”

  1. I LOVE everything you picked up! When I buy a diary or journal of any sort, it takes me a year to look through & find the right one, too. ❤ Pens are my weakness, wow, those glitters ones are gorgeous & those sized mugs are my absolute favorite. I like to eat cereal & soup in them LOL.

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      1. Lol I always feel like a loon, too! I am the same way with sniffing candles– it takes me forever to find just the right one!! & hey, there’s never anything wrong with glitter. 😉 LOL yes, those sized mugs are my fave for cereal!!

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  2. Buying a new diary is honestly such a stressful thing! I do my own layouts so have to factor in how many pages i want to allocate to each month and it has to be sturdy enough so i can stick memorabilia pieces into it too I don’t think anyone appreciates how difficult it actually is! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh girl you get me, I love it!
      Love that you’re so creative and organised that you do your own layouts… I want to say that you’ve posted about this before?
      This ones fantastic, it has extra pages for amounts that you’ve spent each month, important dates etc. I can’t wait to start filling it! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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