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Beer and Buses weekend 2019

Good morning friends, and happy Sunday!

Something very exciting has been happening on the Isle of Wight, The Classic Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend 2019!

The Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend is an annual event which is will take place over the weekend of the 12th/13th October 2019
A collaboration between the island’s branch of CAMRA (Campaign for real Ale) and the Isle of Wight Bus and Coach Museum first took place in 2014.
This event originally started as a way to use preserved buses and coaches on a modest network of routes linking pubs and other places of interest.
As well as a variety of Isle of wight Buses, the majority of the heritage vehicles visit from all over the country, which means this will be at the owners’ expense, with some travelling considerable distances to participate in this autumnal event.

Whether you’re taking part or just interested in these beautiful vehicles, a small number of them will be on static display at the Quayside in Newport.

This event relies heavely on volunteers who give their time to Marshall and to give information to those participating. The event has grown to the extent that it now makes a substantial contribution to the island economy at a traditionally quiet time of year.

This year, an amazing 19 routes will be operated, covering the majority of the island.
While travel on the special routes is free, users are encouraged to purchase a programme for just £7, from the Museum, Newport Quay and many other venues. Not only does this contain essential timetables, but also money-saving offers from certain participating venues.

By purchasing the programme you are supporting this fantastic event as Profits from the weekend are used to fund the Bus Museum’s various projects.

In previous years the money has helped toward essential projects which has included restoration and the maintenance of the museums building.

‘Beer and buses’ is a one of a kind autumn event for anyone weather you’re venturing solo, as a couple, or with a groups of friends. A unique and exciting activity to give people the chance to see another side of the island and explore dozens of local pubs that they may not have visited before.

Have you ever taken part in an event like this? And would you like to?

Kaya •

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