Party on the Green

Good afternoon friends,

Last weekend my boyfriend, family and I went to The Party on the green.

The Party on the Green was held in Ryde, at the Eastern Gardens

A family friendly and relaxing day is just what we needed, especially whilst we had glorious weather.

When we arrived we headed straight for the outside bar, for a lemonade and a hot dog and then made our way round the stalls.

There was entertainment for everyone there, face paints and glitter tattoos, tombola, raffle tickets, fare ground games, and even a couple of gorgeous donkeys from The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary

There were local dance groups including the Bloodstone stone dancers, and Morris dancers, who were kind enough to encourage people from the audience to join in and try their hand at their choreography.

I wasn’t brave enough to join in, but clapped and cheered loudly, as that takes some guts!

Various musicians performed through out the day, including solo singers, a band of men playing trumpets, a local Ukele band (pictured), a DJ and other great musicians.

I love family fun days, and look forward to many more this summer

Kaya •

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