I’m ready

For the past half an hour I have been watching and listening to this storm.

Taking every bit of it in.

The vicious flashes, the rumbles, and beating sound of the rain, and the glorious smell that goes along with it.
I’m absolutely mesmerized.

I have never seen or heard anything like this in my life.

The storms clearing the air.
Today I needed that.

Have you ever had an epiphany?
Your stomach flips, you heart races, and you feel terrified yet empowered all at once.

This was how the storm made me feel.

I needed to let it all out, to clear my mind, to let it thunder, go wild and then realise what needs to come next.

I need to move on, in so many ways, I’m ready for it, I know this, but I need to let the process happen, for it to take time, and work darn hard in between.

I need to look at the goals and challenges that I’ve set myself, and start the day with a fresh mind on how to approach them.

I’m motivated, that’s for sure, but at times, I can get frustrated when things around me drag me down, negative people, situations, setting, conversations, all out of my control.

Okay my plans aren’t moving as quickly as I want them to, but they are moving, progressing, and that is something positive to concentrate on.

I need not to stress, and remember that just because things haven’t happened yet, they will, It’ll take time, effort and determination.
And I’ll give that, with every fiber of my being.

Kaya •

14 thoughts on “I’m ready”

  1. What a motivating post, I feel jazzed up just knowing how you felt! The storm was aweeeesome, loved it! Never seen one quite like that before in the UK, not with both thunder & lighting so continual. Epic! x

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