Bank holiday weekend

Happy Bank holiday weekend everyone!

My weekend hasn’t been too exciting as I worked Saturday and Sunday, but I definitely made the most of today.

This morning was as relaxing as humanly possible. I long soak in a bubble bath, floral scented candles and a movie. Perfect start to my day off.

I washed and brushed my hair, bunged it up into a bun, wore a pretty but comfortable dress, and let my skin breath by having a make up free day.

We went to one of my favourite breakfast spots, Town Choice. We bought a voucher from The Price is Wight, for 2 full english breakfast for £5.99! Bargain! Of course, we ordered a side order of pancakes, that came with cream and syrup.

We sat outside in the garden, a beautiful setting and a sun trap.

After brunch, we had a stroll round town, and picked up a few groceries.

My other half wanted to pick up a few comic’s, so we went to our local comic book store.

The man in the comic book store was a fantastic help, I wanted to buy a comic book for one of my friends children’s, and didn’t want it be too aggressive or scary for them, so he helped me to pick one out. He was very patient, I was extremely grateful.

We picked up a couple of other comics. My other half has 1 of the Xmen Age of Ultron volumes, and was looking at the other 3, for £48 for the bundle. The guy did a fantastic deal, all 3 for £20! Incredible! We bough 5 of 6 other comics that only cost a.couple of quid each, and both left with huge smiles on our faces.

We headed home to watch John Wick 2, ready for the new installment later that evening. Theres nothing like watching one gripping film after another, to truly feel how intense it is.

I decided to save a few of my slim fast snacks for the cinema, as the ice cream and popcorn is tempting. I had a strawberry Alpen bar and a bag of frazzle’s.

If you have a chance to, I’d recommend watching John Wick 3!

Man, what a film! You’ll be entertained and in the edge of your seat from start to finish!

I spent the rest of the evening to go on a quick 3 mile run… now shower, and Bojack horseman in bed.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

Kaya •

12 thoughts on “Bank holiday weekend”

  1. That breakfast spot has such beautiful outdoor seating & the food looks sooo darn good! 😍 I can’t believe you just casually go on 3 mile runs & call them “quick.” Lol.

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  2. Aww sounds like a pretty cool weekend, Kaya! You’ve made me want a fry-up, that brekkie looks gooooood. I’ve not seen John Wick 3 yet, can’t even remember if I’ve seen the second one (my memory is crap!) will make a note to check it out. Hope you’re having a good week so far 🙂

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