Last weekend in London Part 1

Last Friday my boyfriend and I made a very special trip to London. We saw my all time favorite band/musicians. Hanson.

Yes you heard it right, Hanson. These (now grown men, and damn they grew up well) guys are more than just the catchy 90’s tune Mmmbop. Yes I may of fallen for their music when I was younger, but my love for them has just grown stronger over the years.

I have been a Fanson for almost 20 years now. (Fanson… Hanson Fan. I know. I’m so cool)

This is the 4th time I’ve seen them perform. This time was extra special because I was able to see them perform in their new tour, String Theory.
The concert took place at The Southbank Center, London.
The venue was the perfect size that you were in a good crowd but it still felt intimate. Hanson were accompanied on stage by a beautiful symphony orchastra.

I’d never been to a concert before where you just sit and listen. Normally I’d be stood up front and centre, singing, dancing and cheering along.
The music was absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. You can really appreciate what brilliant musicians and performers they are, and how truly incredible the orchestra were, although I adore Hanson, the orchastra just made me melt. It was absolutely outstanding.

The String Theory Album is available on Spotify and youtube, though I chose not to listen to any of the tracks as I wanted to hear them for the first time at the gig.
I’m so pleased that I did.

The performance was just so full of passion and just raw talent. Alot of the songs the audience would just sit and listen as opposed to jump up and down and sing along which was absolutely beautiful.

My favourite song from the set was a song called
Siren call.

Hanson Siren Call

The song stuck with me for the rest of the night. It’s slightly eerie, but in a tingling sort of way.
Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Of course ‘where’s the love’, and ‘mmmbop’ were performed and had a fantastic response. I found that these too song, classic 90’s and upbeat, at times drowned out the orchastra a little. But we’re still a joy to listen to in a different form.

I can now say that I am obsessed with the String Theory and have been playing it on repeat since the concert.

Have you seen a live orchastra before? And who are your favorite musician’s?

Kaya •

10 thoughts on “Last weekend in London Part 1”

  1. Sounds like it was an awesome concert, especially with the addition of the orchestra. My wife and I have been to several live concerts with many different bands and orchestras that we admire as well, but my all time favorite composer is a is a Flemish Belgian composer, countertenor vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and musicologist called Wim Mertens. Mertens only plays in different venues in Europe, and it is my long standing dream to see him live in concert one day, maybe when I get back to Europe next.

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