Unpopular Opinions

Good Morning and Happy Monday my blogger friends.

I’ve seen this trend for the last couple of weeks on blogs and YouTube and thought I’d join in!

Is say that this blog post is slightly on the negative side, but it’s all in the name of fun!

Here are my 7 unpopular opinions.

1. Mr Brightside

I have loathed this song for the past 16 years. You can’t escape it…
The Killers, Mr Bright side. The song itself is awful. The lead singer is just shouting/whining, the lyrics aren’t that great, and The Killers are shockingly bad live! And yes, I have seen them in person (the closing act at a festival, unfortunately)

2. Avocado

I believe that a majority of people who consume this fruit, do so because they feel they need to, it as now become a trend. What a demanding little green friend we have here! You’d think the avocado had just been discovered!
Avacado, and on toast. Avacado in salad, Avacado in a smoothie. One of those foods where I cannot get my head round why someone would eat it. I’m not a fussy eater in the slightest. But this, is not for me!

(My apologies if you now have the avocado song stuck in your head. My bad!)

3. Fussy drinks orders

‘I’ll have an iced latte’.

Which then evolves into…

‘Ill have a Large, Soya, 1 shot, decaf, half a cup of ice, 2 pumps of vanilla,… Iced latte.’

If this is your drink of choice, and it actually tastes better and makes the difference… By all means enjoy it and do you!
But please, do not then go to Twitter, etc and explain how ‘extra’, ‘fancy’, ‘weird’, your drink makes you just for attention. Drink it and get on with your day.

4. New lingo

I’m all up for expressing ourselves, using new terms, slang, lingo. For us to expand our minds to different cultures, countries and eras in time. But come on. If you are going to use slang… Please understand what you are saying.

Please understand the meaning of the word and use it in the right context, also, if you’re say, a sales assistant, and you’re trying to sell me a product, please do not look down at others because they don’t use every single slang word in a sentence. Throwing all those words in a row one after another will not create a ‘lit’ sentence. Just nonsense.

‘I’m shook. This dress legit gives me feels’.

Okay. We get it.

5. ‘Anxiety’

‘I’ve got such bad anxiety, I’m literally going to have an anxiety attack’

If only you knew what it were to feel like to be anxious, and to have an anxiety attack. It can be terrifying. Getting worked up, feeling upset, a bit stressed or annoyed is not the same.

It is by no means something to be ashamed of, but at the same time, nothing to brag about or make light of.

Anxiety can leave you feeling overwhelmed, deflated, disappointed in yourself, ashamed, confused. This could be someone who has struggled with serious mental health issues or depression. They may of had to take anti – depressents, be taught breathing exercises to get through an attack, and have missed out on opportunities and experiences because of such anxiety. It’s a terrible thing to experience and I find it insulting that we are glorifying this word, using it without knowing what it actually means and how life-changing it can be.

6. No money? No problem!

My apologies now, this is a long one.

How do some people have the audacity to deliberately not work for a living and then find it acceptable to brag, on social media, about all that they have bought, even though they haven’t earned it.

I have a friend who has had alot of mental health issues since we were teenages, she is open and honest about this, and she’s amazing. In the past, she’s volunteered, she’ll help family, friends and neighbors when she can, and she’s extremely tight with her money as she hopes to move in with her fiance in the near future.

Nowadays it is ridiculous the amount of people that are physically and mentally healthy, but are too picky or lazy to get a job and work for a living. Again, with the ‘anxiety’ excuse, when they do not have anxiety.

I know people, and have been one of them, who, in the past has worked a job that I have hated just to pay my own way, to pay my bills, to support myself and others.

Okay,it may not be your perfect job. But that’s life! In my eyes, from 18 years old, you are an adult. You have responsibilities, but only want to act like an adult but only when you pick and choose.

These people who brag on social media about what they have but haven’t earnt it.

A new games console, a new handbag, shoes, smart phone etc. Why do we reward this type of behavior. You could work but chose not to. Instead you spend your day’s on social media taking selfies, taking that perfect photo and sharing your paid life with others to get likes, comments and attention. Children will grow up and admire this, and the Instagram personalities and ‘influencers’. Let make this very clear. I am not criticizing any social media influencers, but the ones who have turned to this after not working an honest day in their life, and are just looking at their smart phones waiting to get their big break, after doing nothing.
These are not the people we should aspire to be.
Some of my favorite youtubers have openly spoken about the years of hard work that they’ve had to put in, that they’ve had sleepless nights editing whilst holding down a job, because they have that great work ethics and drive. Children won’t educate themselves and work hard in school if they see this as a ‘career’ to fall back on.

7. ‘Asthetically pleasing’

This ones short and sweet.
This sentence makes me laugh, and boils my blood at the same time.
‘This is legit, like totally my asthetic. It like literally matches my style. It’s so asthetically pleasing’

So friends, there we have it! Do we have any ‘unpopular opinions’ in common? And what are yours?

Kaya •

12 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions”

  1. I have diagnosed panic disorder, so feel both empathy and compassion for anyone experiencing legitimate anxiety issues. Unfortunately the word anxiety is thrown around like a trendy catch phrase these days and it makes me want to shriek. I feel like it takes away from those of us who really suffer.

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    1. Yes I completely agree. I was watching one of my favorite youtubbers this morning, and it saddens me everytime she says she’s getting anxiety, when she really means she’s getting flustered and stressed out. Scrolling through the comments on her video, so many others were commenting ‘i almost had a panic attack watching your video’, these videos give me such bad anxiety’. I don’t want to be one of those people who gets in an argument over the internet with a perfect stranger on YouTube, I had to hold back on replying to their comments. Its frustrating. I wouldn’t wish anxiety attacks, and that level of stress or depression on anyone. It truly hurts when people throw the terms around

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  2. Wow, I couldn’t have said any of these better myself, Kaya!! I agree with you on mostly all points especially how disgusting avocados are & the term “aesthetically pleasing.” I do kind of like Mr. Brightside though & I often write my crazy order from Starbucks in my Journal Entries. 😛 I don’t know if the almond milk makes it taste better but it doesn’t make my tummy hurt, that’s for sure lol.

    I love reading these posts!! Always so interesting to hear others’ “unpopular” opinions.

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    1. Thank you! Each to their own, but there’s some things I just can’t wrap my head around. But if your almond milk serves a purpose then that makes sense! 🙂 I’ve read a couple as well, some are hilarious as they pick up on little traits, food etc that I pay no attention to in day to day life x


  3. This is great! Totally agree with you on the avocado, the lingo (“I’m shook!”) & the overuse of the word ‘anxiety.’ I think “natural” & “organic” are totally overused now as well. Like, what do they even mean anymore??

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      1. My issues have driven me crazy as well. Get yourself seen, whether it’s a general doctor or specialist. Your dehydration cannot be let go! Go to the hospital. They’ll do bloodwork there. You’ll get pushed to the front with getting seen by a doctor. Do it sweetie!

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      2. Thank you so much for your advice Erin! I’ll call again tomorrow morning, if I’m not successful then I’ll walk into my Drs and hopefully be able to stress the situation and get an appointment for the near future. I’m so frustrated. Especially with work, I hate letting people down but at the same time, rest and taking care of yourself is essential. X

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