Cooking at home with Kaya

The best ‘Pinch of Yum’ Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

Good Afternoon All!

This is a super short blog today, but I had to share this quick and easy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

If you’re after those delicious, soft, melt in the mouth, fresh bakery cookies, well this is the recipe for you! I of course, added a few extra chunks of chocolate… And I suggest you do the same… If you have a sweet tooth like me.

Chocolate chip cookies Recipe

I baked 10 last night. And how many do we have left? Any guesses?

4… In my defense, I wasn’t alone in devouring them, and we both took 1 to work today.

Oh and little tip… The recipe says to leave them for 30mins once they are baked… I would recommend waiting 10-15 minutes, and enjoying them still warm with a cold glass of milk.

Have a wonderful afternoon, and do let me know if you bake these treats!

Kaya •

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