It’s ok

It’s ok to have that extra time in bed instead of getting up early and working out, sometimes you just need time to reflect and relax.

It’s ok to say no when a friend invite’s you to an event. If you know that your work schedule or personal life is going to be busy and you’re going to be tired, or that you just don’t have the same interest’s, then it’s best to tell them. Be honest, and then you won’t disappointment them later.

It’s ok to be selfish and to have some you time.

It’s ok to not agree with everyone else’s opinion.

It’s ok to cry. Let it all out, and feel every emotion under the sun. As long as you pick yourself up and dont have a pity party, then that’s ok. Release it and then move on.

It’s ok to do what makes you happy.

It’s ok to want better for yourself. To have ambition, to have dreams, to want to further your education or your career.

It’s ok to not have a plan. Eventually you will. Don’t beat yourself up.

It’s ok to have a day where you were just human and that you’re not being productive. You might think you haven’t achieved anything but really you have, because you’ve taken care of your mind body and soul.

It’s ok to be you.
You never need anyone’s permission

The gentle reminders that we all need sometimes.

Happy Tuesday all.

Kaya •

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