I haven’t got that Friday feeling

Well the past 48 hours haven’t been the most pleasent.

Unfortunately my partner and I have been hit with a sickness bug. Goodness knows where from but it is what it is.

I made it to work yesterday with an upset stomach, but hoping that it would settle.

3 hours into my shift, and with my stomach gurgling, with one stunned look at my colleague, I ran to the toilet, and minutes after I was sent home from work.

Lovely. I know!

My partner and I have spent the last 48 hours feeling very under the weather.

I feel so dehydrated and tired. 2 days, sitting on the sofa with the duvet napping, trying to nibble on plain toast and ginger biscuits, sipping lucazade, water and sucking on ice cubes is not how I thought I’d be spending my Thursday and Friday.

I’ve been trying to distract myself of how unwell I’m feeling by doing a few loads of washing, tagged a few of my blog posts, taken few naps, reading a fair bit of my new book, The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr, and binge watching Poirot from season 1. Classic!

Not the most entertaining post I know, but I like to share all aspects of my life, and keep you all updated.

I have a weekend full of plans so fingers crossed I’ll have something more to post, than eating dry toast!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Kaya •

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