January Primark Haul

Surprisingly, I only spent 30 minutes in Primark, for me that has to be some sort of record! I knew roughly what I wanted to buy, and stopped myself from purchasing any spring or summer stock. Kind of.
My spring/summer clothing is currently packed away from last year, so before I buy and thing new, I need to look over what I already own.

My first Primark haul of year is only a small one, but filled with some essentials.

Here are the 10 items I purchased.

Now… I did buy a bikini. I know, I know, … What did I just say? No spring/summer items. But in my defense, I spend most of last summer looking for a simple black, triangle cut, string bikini. Could I find one? No.
Well, I found one, but call me old fashioned, I prefer my bikinis to actually cover my backside and my breasts.
I have an hour glass figure, which means I have curves which I embrace, but hold up, since when did that mean you wanted to flaunt it all?
I was horrified last year when I tried on these miniscule bikinis, so when I saw one that looked like it would cover a decent amount, I jumped at the chance.

Bikini – £4.00

This beautiful maroon coloured bikini fit the bill. Generous cup sizes, a decent amount of material to cover for the bottoms. Lovely!
The bikinis were mix and match but I didn’t allow myself to have a look at them as I knew I’d be too tempted.

Floral Bodysuit – £5 (half price in sale)

I’d been looking for a body suit for the past couple of weeks, but only found them online, instead if in store. I am tall and long in the body so I’d prefer to try an item like this on before buying. This baby fit like a glove, and is one of the comfiest items I’ve ever worn for a night out. A simple yet pretty design perfect for day or night wear.

I grabbed this one in the sale, but there’s dozens similar on Boohoo.com

Disney Stitch T shirt – £4

Grey = Versatile
Disney = Essential
Slight crop = Perfect spring/summer item to pair with jeans, shorts, skirt, converse or flip-flops.
What more could you want?

Mickey Mouse shorts – £5

Now these were not essential, but honestly, how could I walk past these?
These shorts are perfect lounge wear, they’re soft, comfy, and adorable! A must for any Disney fan.

Nude heels – £5 (half price in the sale)

Now 3 inch nude heels may seem like the easiest item to find. No sir! Maybe I’ve just been extremely fussy, but I couldn’t find that perfect creamy nude. I’ve come across a lot of pinky toned shoes, with unwanted patterns or skyscraper heels.

When I first turned 18, the higher the heels the better I could walk. Nowadays, 5 inch heels would make me look like Bambi on ice, and that, my friends, is not a good look regardless of how beautiful the shoe is.

Hair essentials – each item £1.

Hair clips? … Because I don’t already own 101! But we all know by the end of the year I’ll have 5 left, so why not grab a few more especially where they are contained in this handly little case.

A small hair brush for your handbag is essential. This one’s ideal as not only does it tuck away so that it doesn’t get caught or rub on anything (I find that unhygienic), but also it had a mirror. Plain and simple but all you’ll need.

I needed to pick up another small dry shampoo, this one is a little bulkier than intended, but works fantastically. I not only use dry shampoo when my roots are a little greasy but also to give flat hair a little boost. It does wonders!

Foundation and Concealer Stick – £2.50

One swoop is enough, as it is so creamy and easy to blend. I bought this in the shade Ivory.

PS Lipstick – £0.90

What a surprise? Another PS Lipstick.

I think I may have a slight obsession?
This is my 5th PS Lipstick, I picked it up in the shade ‘in the buff’. I actually picked this lipstick up, because 1. I didn’t have a lippy on me (how?!?), and 2, it was 90p!

Can a girl really have too many?

What essentials do you pick up from Primark each time?

Kaya •

4 thoughts on “January Primark Haul”

  1. I am with you about the bikinis. I am so not into those teeny tiny ones either, especially with the thongs & non-padded tops! The flower body suit is adorable, those things are so comfy when they fit right! I love those heels, how sexy. They totally are the perfect nude! 🙂

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