Oh what a night

Would it be terrible to tell you that only this afternoon, had I recovered from Saturday night?

It’s was quite a night.

One of my closest friends and I went for a girls night out.

I haven’t had a night out with her in years. Unfortunately life can get in the way.

We began the night getting ready at mine, listening to early 2000’s RnB and dance tracks, drinking a tad too much wine perhaps, well, certainly whilst you’re trying to do your hair and make up, some may think you should focus at a time like that?!

I did her hair and make up, we sat and took selfies, because you can never have too many pictures! Although I’m not a fan of Snapchat filters, we did snap a few cute ones.

We headed to town for about 9ish, and from then on we spent the next 5 and a half hours drink, laughing, bumping into old friends, and dancing.

Thank goodness my new shoes were comfortable since the DJ had us on the dance floor for most of the night.

When I say I’d only recently recovered, I don’t just mean from the wine, and the shots, also the disarano, and possibly the rum as well? (Hey, we hadn’t seen in each other in ages!?)

But my legs!? Wowsers. Almost 6 hours strutting around in 4 inch heels, swaying to the music and loving life, that’s great and all but when you’re not used to it let me tell you your legs will ache the next day!

We agreed a night out dancing is now a requirement once a month, and I can’t wait.

Kaya •

7 thoughts on “Oh what a night”

  1. When I don’t go to work for awhile, my legs are always soooo sore the next day, too!! Dancing around in heels is such a workout lol. 😛 You look stunning for your night out, Kaya!

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