Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 17. Beauty Advent Calendar – Part 2

Day 17. Beauty Advent Calendar – Part 2

I was in superdrug with my boyfriend doing a little bit of shopping when he spotted the Mad Beauty, Disney 90th Anniversary, Mickey Mouse, 12 day advent calender.
He’s so sweet and thoughtful, and insisted that he buy it for me. As soon as we got home he told me to open it straight away as a little early Christmas present.
The calendar was only £3.99, a fantastic price for a calendar and such a lovely idea on his part.

Firstly, how sweet is the box? Gold, black and pink mini Mickey’s, just perfect.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the calender. Each item had lovely Mickey mouse packaging, and were either a creamy vanilla or coconut fragrance, two of my favorites.

1x Vanilla hand cream
1x Vanilla lip balm
1x Coconut lip balm
1x Coconut bath fizzer
1x Vanilla bath fizzer
1x Vanilla body lotion
1x Vanilla body wash
1x Vanilla bath salts
1x Coconut bath salts
1x Mini body puff
2x Mini Mickey mouse nail files

I don’t know what age the calendar was aimed at but anyone between 13-30 would be pleased with such a sweet gift.
The beauty products are all decent quality, daily essentials. At £3.99 for a 12 day calendar, I wasn’t too sure what I would get but it was a lovely gift and an absolute bargin!

Just a heads up… Boots sell a Disney Princess 12 day advent calendar also by Mad Beauty, containing almost identical products, just with a different scent and Disney Princess packaging for £16.00!
I know which one I’d rather buy!

Have you bought a Beauty Advent Calendar this year? If so which one and what is your opinion on it?

Kaya •

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