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Blogmas Day 5. Childhood on the big screen

Good evening lovely word pressers, and welcome to…

Blogmas day 5. Childhood on the big screen.

Have you ever watched a film and thought, man, what would it of been like to watch this when it was released at the cinema?

80’s and 90’s action/thrillers and Arnie and Stallone films are normally at the top of the list.
I can only imagine how sensational their films would of been to watch.

The excitement of sitting in the comfort of your cinema seat, the intese flashing, the rumbles and sirens from the speakers, eagerly waiting to see what car might blow up, what villan is going to rise from the dead, and who turns out to be the mole?

Now, having said this, you’re probably thinking, my goodness what did she watch?

Terminator…. Pulp Fiction… Lethal Weapon?

Close. So. Very. close.

One genius and fearless character against 2 men who will stop at nothing to conquer their mission.

That’s right.

We watched Home Alone.

Image courtoursy of Google images

This wet and windy Wednesday was spent at our local cinema eating sweet popcorn and M&M’s howling at Marvin and Harry as if it were the first time.

My partner bought us tickets a week ago as he knew it’s one of my favorite films, and what a fantastic way to watch it!

There was only about 20 or so people in the screening… I find a screening of a classic movie is never very well advertised.

Next to us was a woman with two young girls, maybe 6 or 7 years old.
It was so sweet hearing them whispering to each other, desperately guessing what’s going to happen, and then laughing out loud when another paint can is dropped, or Marvin is thrown down by another slip on the ice.

Hearing these girls laugh away to one of my favorite Christmas films made it that little bit more enjoyable.
It’s so lovely to share the joy.
If only I could remember what I thought of Home Alone when I first watched it.

What film did you miss at the cinema as a child that you would love to see in the big screen?

Kaya •

16 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5. Childhood on the big screen”

  1. Almost in the season of Christmas movies again. Hopefully a bright spot in an otherwise bleak time. Christmas will not be the same this year, but we will make the best of it. All the best. Allan


  2. I can’t think of a specific movie. I saw the Star Wars ones on the big screen and they were awesome. I remember when At Home Alone came out but I don’t recall if I saw it in the theater or on a DVD. We typically wait for DVDs but occasionally we’ll just drop by a theater when a special movie is playing. I agree that the sound and visuals are very dynamic compared to smaller screens or TV.

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    1. There are certain movies, such as the DC and Marvel Films that I must watch in the cinema was it’s all part of the thrill. But I agree, we watch alot of films at home instead. The timings at the cinema aren’t always great… You either rush dinner to get there on time or skip food, watch the film and risk eating at 9.30 pm!
      That’s incredible Ron! I’d of loved to of seen one of the Star Wars films in the cinema. I watched Star Wars episode 1, The Phantom Menace, but hardly remember it. I was only 9 years old at the time, and only went along because my cousins wanted to watch it. I wish I could go back and tell myself to take in every second of it!

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  3. I love Home Alone too. I bet it was good to watch in cinema and yes, knowing there are young children enjoying this film for their first time, makes it more special as well.

    Watching something at the cinema is something I tend not to think about, as when a child, this is not something that would have happened for me.
    As an adult, before I was deaf, I went to the cinema once and enjoyed. I have been since as a deaf person, but I do find hearing aids have to come out with the sound so loud. But regardless of hearing aids out or in, I still need subtitles, which cinemas tend to put on not often and at inconvenient time. So I wait till DVD.

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    1. Well the positive side of a DVD at home is that you can come and go as you please, don’t have to pay £10.00 for an adult cinema ticket (cineworld are now just as overpriced as the rest of them), and you’re in the comfort of your own home.
      That’s a shame that they screen them at inconvenient times, our cinema on The Isle of Wight can be similar… They’re not very considerate with their timings and what others may need. X

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      1. The prices have slowly been creeping up. I, like most, take in my own food and drink. I was peckish yesterday and have a look at their food stand. £4.50 for a hotdog? No thank you! Yes you’re right, and you own the DVD after as well, so win win x

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