Shoebox Appeal 2018

A very good afternoon to my fellow word pressers!

It’s absolutely freezing cold, and soaking wet here on the Isle of Wight. Winter is officially here.

I’ve had another rather hectic but incredible weekend… I thought that it would be a chilled one, but I’m glad it wasn’t!

This month I took part in the Annual Shoebox Appeal.

As a child I remember our schools would organise this event and would encourage our parents to help. It was a lovely feeling of giving back to another child, one that you’ve never met and never will, but the thought that you’re connecting but this simple act.

Yesterday morning, I dropped off the boxes for the shoe box appeal.

Since collecting the boxes and shopping for the items, my heart ached, I cried many tears, and felt broken that in this day and age that these charities still have to exist for others to receive these boxes!

Packing the boxes with such simple items that we take for granted, like pencils, soap and a toothbrush made my eyes water. We’re so fortunate and lucky that we live in this environment that simple items like this are accessable to us as a reasonable price and that they aren’t considered a treat for Christmas.

I spend around £50 on the 5 boxes, so £10 a box is more than achievable, imagine the outcome if each family could do this.
I was explaining to my nephew, and why we send the boxes and he ran to his toy box and offered to put some of his own toys in the boxes… Of course I didn’t take them but I love that he thought if this himself, what a sweet gesture.

Samaritan’s Purse send these Christmas boxes to children who are victims of war, poverty, famine disease and natural disaster.

Packing these boxes is a reality check, that all the useless crap we whine about day to day, all that we take for granted, that we have it good, we have a roof over our heads, food, water and clothing that others dream of.

Be kind, and be thankful

Kaya •

4 thoughts on “Shoebox Appeal 2018”

  1. That is so sweet! We have something similar here. It’s called Operation Christmas Child and we pack shoeboxes full of fun stuff. I wish our schools would get involved. That’s such a wonderful thing to be a part of!

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