Race at your Pace Challenge

Good evening everyone,

The end of September, I came across an online challenge that I hadn’t heard of before.

‘Race at your Pace’

I had the option to walk, jog, or run, 10, 15, 25 or 50miles in 30 days. At the time I was feeling slightly ambitions so I signed up for completing the 50mile running challenge.

If you have read my earlier posts you see at mention my passion fo running and that I haven’t run properly in years, and with an on going knee injury I knew it would be a test.

Don’t get me wrong, having to psych yourself up each evening after a long day at work didn’t come easy… But after the first couple of days, I was addicted!

I’m thrilled that I achieved my challenge with a few days to spare. I feel so much fitter, motivated, and proud of myself. 50miles complete!

A good music playlist, and the discovery of the outstanding podcast, ‘My Favorite Murder’, (I am now a murderino) kept me distracted and helped to push me through the dark Autumn evenings.

Late last week I received my medal, base layer and certificate.

I’m still stunned and extremely proud if how I pushed myself, and I had a blast doing it.

Please see below the link for this site, and to let you know that the challenge distance has now changed to a starting milage of 25miles up to a whopping 300miles!


I mean man, where are you running to???

I have set myself a few other lifestyle challenges to help change over the next 7 weeks left of this year (can you believe it?)

What challenges have you set yourself this Autumn, or what do you have prepared for this coming season?

Kaya •


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