3am thoughts

Good morning wonderful WordPress friends,

This post is an unplanned one, but intriguing to me non the less.

Over the past couple if months, I’ve struggled to clear my mind and to have a good night’s sleep with any disturbances.

I’ve been awake since 6.30am yesterday morning, it is now 3.13am, and I’m struggling to relax and sleep. This is the current dialogue in my head.

  • What plans should I make for next year?
  • Should I look into higher education?
  • If so, what do I want to learn and how do I get there?
  • Should I get more sleep?
  • Should sleep less and be productive with my time?
  • Is it too late at night to practice a Dutch braid?

This is just a snippet of what whirls around my head at night.

I have a pen and notepad next to my bed so that if in the middle of the night I think something that needs to be remembered, then I can note it down.

I’ve tried counting sheep, and believe me it doesn’t work.

Do you have any tips on how to have a peaceful mind before bed, and if you suffer with a simular problem?

Have a lovely Sunday all

Kaya •

12 thoughts on “3am thoughts”

  1. I had been struggling with my sleep patterns for a couple of years until a couple of months ago when I tried the Calm app like one of your readers above. Give it a go as you say, and I hope it helps you as much as me and the others above!

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    1. This week hasn’t been too bad. I think where I’ve been able to do most of my Christmas shopping, and meeting/appointments have bow passed I feel like there’s less on my plate so my minds calmed down a little. I will keep the app in mind though, thank you.


  2. I I’ve also had those experiences specifically in college where I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life, what kept me up awake was the anxieties which I repressed during the day would emerge while I was trying to relax and fall asleep at night.
    What helped me was writing an essay on where I wanted to be in 10 years, to specify my destination and the chart course.

    Waking up at 6 and being in bed by 10 also helped. And remove any exposure to TV screen or phone at least an hour before hand when you plan on going to sleep televisions and phones emit blue light which reduces the amount of melatonin released when you want to go to bed.

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    1. Hello Joseph! My eating habits haven’t been great this week because of a hectic time and laziness on my part. And too many hours infront if the tv this week too! Hopefully I’ll feel a bit more up beat tomorrow 🙂 thank you for your advice!


  3. You’re overthinking and from one overthinker to another, your mind needs to settle. A friend of mine recommended the Calm app. I thought it was rubbish but then two consecutive nights of no sleep and feeling like a zombie, I uploaded the app and tried it. It worked. When I have “those nights,” I bring up my Calm app on my phone, earbuds in, phone plugged in (to continue charging) and fall asleep. It’s mind emptying.😀

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    1. Thank you so much, I’ll give it a go. Rarely I’ll have a night where I’m relaxed and will sleep like a baby… But most nights my mind is going crazy with all these thought whirling round, my minds so busy. I’ll download this and give it a go. Thanks again Erin x

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  4. Horrible when sleep patterns change like that. I agree, counting sheep is crap. The notebook and pen is a good one. I see many do that and I have needed to write down in a book before.
    I like to add a couple of drops of lavender oil on a tissue and place it on top of my drawers next to my bed. This and going to bed and getting up at the same time.

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