My October Favorites

Happy November Wonderful bloggers!

These posts always interested me, as I love to see what essentials people buy each month or what catches their eye.

So here’s a little run down of my October monthly favourites.

Revolution Eyeshadow Pallets

I picked 2x revolution eyeshadow pallets for Superdrug. I’ve struggled to find eye shadows recently that are matte as most nowadays are glittery. Don’t get me wrong, glitter eyeshadows are beautiful, but for the right occasion. Day to day, for me, glitter shadows make me feel as though I look like a disco ball. It’s a little ott.
These pallets are affordable at £8 each with matte and a few shimmer colours.

Large glass Ikea candles

Well I can’t say that I needed these candles buy, at less than £2 each, how can you resist?
I picked up a gorgeous sweet apple and warm vanilla candle.

Forever 21 Cardigan

A friend of mine visited New York the beginning of the month, and bought me this beautiful cardigan from Forever 21.
The cardigan is a sheer, versitile, everyday cardigain, which has kept me cosy and stylish this past month

Vintage Gloves

My family and I went to a 1940’s/1950’s event where there was Live music, vintage clothing, tea and cakes, and a raffle. I bought these beautiful vintage leather gloves for a bargain of £5.

Audrey Hepburn Book

I’ve always had a love of Audrey Hepburn.
I bought this book for a bit of light winter reading on this extrodinary woman.
eBay, £7

Leather Paul Costello Handbag

I walked through TK Maxx twice, and the second time round, I couldn’t resist but to have a look at the handbags. I was in need of a everyday bag, and then I found this beauty. I decided to treat myself. I work hard for my money, and prefer to spend on staple pieces that will last and that I will get a good wear out of. The RRP price was £225.00, I bought it for an incredible £59.00 in TK Maxx.

Gold cake stand

This was another TK Maxx find. I’ve been looking for a cake stand for some time now, and then saw it sitting there on a shelf in the wrong section.
I picked this up for £12.99
This stand was the centre piece, and. Perfect for our Great British Bake off Party.

What did you buy this October and have you started your Christmas shopping?

Kaya •

6 thoughts on “My October Favorites”

  1. The Revolution eyeshadow pallettes look so big for such a cheap price. How is the quality of the formula?! Those candles look big for such a cheap price, too! The scents you chose sound delish. I am in love with those vintage gloves & the cake stand.

    Love these kinds of posts! ♡

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  2. It’ s quite a pretty list. I have no idea why I couldn’t see your posts. I missed a few of them. I love everything on the list but my most favorites are the cardigan and purse. I love long cardigans. How is your health and how are you doing now?

    Liked by 1 person

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