My Perfect Sunday, and OOTD

Happy Sunday friends!

After a intense week, I’ve finally be able to have a day to relax and recharge my batteries.

I had a bit of a lie in, and spent the morning catching up with family.
My other half and I walked around town for a leisurely stroll in and out of shops, looking for nothing and everything.

We walked through TK Maxx, which is always dangerous, (I could live in there) and somehow I was drawn to the handbags and picked up a little beauty (more info in a later post)

We worked up an appetite, so we stopped at Town Choice Cafe for lunch, and both ended up indulging in a full English breakfast, and cleared our plates.
*No regrets*

This is one of my favorite places for lunch as it is a friendly and cosy spot to dine, with the option to eat in their beautiful little garden. We were tempted but it was a little bit too breezy out.

This evening I went for a run.
I ran for 4.2 miles, it was a bit of challenge but it was lovely to admire the sunset and to clear my mind after a rather chaotic week.

A few pretty leaves I picked up.

I’m still full from lunch, so I’ve decided to skip dinner. I’m now in my PJ’s with a bag of Flamming Hot Cheetos, intending to snuggle in bed and watch ‘Paranorman’.

Good night all,

Kaya •

11 thoughts on “My Perfect Sunday, and OOTD”

  1. What a lovely way to spend a relaxing Sunday. ♡ Love your outfit! & the English breakfast looks super scrumptious. I can’t believe you ran 4.2 miles, that’s awesome– I can’t even do 1!

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