Taking it all in

Good evening all,

I have a question for you.

Do you ever sit there, in coffee shop, restaurant, park bench, and just watch people.

I don’t mean eaves drop.
I mean, to just observe.
To look at the people who walk past you, and have your mind open.

What do they do for a living?
What their plans are for the rest of the day?
Where are they going, where have they come from?
Recognising their mannerisms, how they laugh, they act.

I love to take it all in, to be so thankful that there is so many different ways to live you life with such freedom.
Who wants to be in a cookie cutter world?

It’s beautiful to be your own person.

Kaya •

7 thoughts on “Taking it all in”

  1. I have started doing this the past few months. While doing this, I mindfully drink my tea, observing the taste of my tea and the warmth of the drink, as well as the warmth of the mug, or cup. I find it relaxing and it’s nice to see people socialising and actually see those that chat without their phones getting in the way.

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      1. It’s lovely, when you get into it. Remember to take a few deep slow breaths if needed and if you are aware of tense muscles, just move them a little, to help relax.


  2. Yes, Kaya! You are right, “It’s beautiful to be your own”. Sometimes people become so judgmental and that’s where all the problem starts. Such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing and thanks for always acknowledging others by staying connected and showing your love. If you have not joined our group on FB, please do so, it’s a small group and keep us together. You can always share your posts there. The link is on my about page. Stay blessed and stay connected. BTW, I love the picture in the post as well. You are such a smart 20 something…. !

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    1. Thank you so much. I feared that it would come across a bit stalkerish! I love to learn about other people, cultures, how they’ve grown and what they’ve learnt. Thank you so much for the invite but I don’t spend much time on Facebook. But I’ll stay connected! And thank you for such a lovely comment

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      1. You are always welcome. I just started fb again otherwise I was out of it for last 5 years…Now I just do for my blog and don’t look at the home page much. Of course, you deserve it. You have been doing so great and your post has a strong point in it.

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