Autumn Reading

Good afternoon all, and
Happy First Day of Autumn/Fall!

It’s cool, wet and windy in my home town on the Isle of Wight, Uk, just as I had hoped for the start of Autumn.

Yesterday I spent the day singing Earth Wind and Fire’s, September.
‘do you remember? 21st night, September’.

Anyway. Welcome.

I’m writing my post today with alot of joy, if you have seen my earlier post, I set myself a goal of finishing reading my book by September 21st. And hooray for me, I did it!

Not only did I finish reading by book, but I’m close to finishing another fantastic read, ‘The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul’ by Deborah Rodriguez.

This book was lent to me by a friend whilst I was half way through my last book, which encouraged me to finish it as I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this book.

This book is an easy read, great for a 20minute break at work.

It’s filled with emotions, a countries rulings, culture, power and heartache.

I only have about 40 pages left, so I hope to finish reading it by this evening.

I already have my next book picked out.

This book was one that was picked up at a charity shop. The title stood out, so for me that alone is a winner.

‘The Slap’, 2008

In this book, a group attending a BBQ witness a guess slap a naughty child… A child who they are not the parent of.

This book addresses a Controversial topic… Is it okay to slap someone else’s child??

It’s thrilling to me to read a book that I’ve heard is a ‘must read’, and one that I luckily haven’t heard anything about.

A series of this book was adapted in 2011, but thankful, I haven’t come across any spoilers. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I’m a Fan of autobiographys, reading about people you look up to, a fan of, have a peek into their lives. How they rose to their success. But reading a book at random that you’ve picked up or been given is wonderful as you can open your mind.

What books are you reading at the moment and what would you recommend me reading this Autumn?

Kaya •

4 thoughts on “Autumn Reading”

      1. I love having a book in my hand, too. This is my first audiobook and I’m actually enjoying it. I put off listening to them for so long because I didn’t think I would like it.


  1. I love reading books from different cultures! I recently read the tale of Murasaki
    As I was reading the book I was already lamenting that it was going to end, The book begins with her as a young girl and ends with her as an old lady. It made me feel as though I lived through an entire lifetime


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