September Birchbox Review (unwanted box)

If you read my previous post you’ll know that I wasn’t overly impressed by my first Birchbox.

I hate to sound like I’m being negative, but I want to give an honest review, and not sprinkle smiles and lies over something to make it look warm and welcoming.

Carry on below to read my review on my September Birchbox.

*The last paragraph describing the issues I’ve had with Birchbox.

Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner
I received a 50ml tester. RRP £18 for 200ml

I only used this once as the scent hit me at the back of the throat. It has a strong antiseptic smell, instead of a fresh fragrance like other toners I’ve used. It is fair to say that I didn’t give this product a fair chance as I only used it once, but the scent put me off.

Beauty Protector, protect and volume.
Received a 25ml tester. RRP £22 full size (I couldn’t find the full size ml online)

I was really looking forward to trying this product, as I have long, thick, curly hair and find it difficult to find a product that will give my heavy hair a lift. Although this products smells delicious, it didn’t give me a boost at all. I think if you had a different hair type then this product could do wonders for you. It just wasn’t a good match for me but I find this common for volumising hair products.
I would like to mention that even though it said ‘no stickiness’, once I touched my hair, my hands felt very tacky, as if I had sprayed hairspray into my hands.

Marcelle, City 24H Anti-Pollution Day and Night Moisturizing Emulsion
Received 7ml tester. RRP £23 for 40ml

I firstly wore this as a night cream, and woke up with a soft fresh face.
The day after I wore it as a primer. My make up stayed in place, and moistured my skin, as my T zone can get very dry.
I wouldn’t say that it had worked any less or any better than other night/primers but it is a plus that you can easily use it as a 2-1 products with great results.

Eyeko Brow liner
Received tester size. RRP £15 for full size

Unless you have gold eyebrows (more power to you) this product isn’t going to work on you.
This colour came in the shade ‘medium’, but even if you had brown hairs, this would still not match your shade. I have black eyebrows, and it just looked rather comical on me. Not only does the colour not fit, but I had to paint it on my skin twice just so that it would show up. It’s might be because I have tanned skin, but even still, id expect a product that would show up, especially if it’s meant for my brows.
Who wants to draw around there brows over and over just for a bit of coverage?

Benefit Box O’ Powder in Galifoenia
Received tester size. RRP £25.50 full size 5g

I adore benefit, and believe that they’re a brand that always blow me away, and even though they can sometimes be on the pricier side, they all give a flawless result.
I’m up for trying new shades, especially bright ones. But this was a little too ’80’s’ fancy dress make up for me.
Perhaps if the tester had the gold shimmer as well, then the colour would of given a better glow to my face. Although the product wasn’t for me… It smelt so good that I could of eaten it.

Over all, again, I found myself unimpressed with Birchbox. I was also disappointing that I didn’t receive any of the products in full size. Not even the brow liner.
Birchbox just isn’t worth the time and money in my eyes, but it may work well and be a lovely monthly package for others.

*My issues with Birchbox
At the beginning of September, I cancelled my subscription, and received a confirmation email of the cancellation.
Unfortunately, The payment of the subscription had been taken from my bank account on September 1st, so it had all already been processed.
I emailed and asked for a refund and that I’d send the box back unopened.
They responded, and said that it would take up to 14 days for a refund once I received the box.
The box, strangly, doesn’t fit through my letter box. I mean, you would expect them to check this and alter the size so that each month it is ready there waiting for you on your door mat, rather than getting a slip through the post asking you to pick it up from your local post office. Just a tad inconvenient.
I received my box September 9th (a neighbour signed for the box for me) over a week after payment had been taken. I decided, instead of the hassel, and since it had finally arrived, that I would give Birchbox a second chance and review the box.

I am keen to try other monthly subscription boxes, either beauty, home goods or food, but am unsure of what is available. I don’t want this experience to put me off from buying other subscription boxes that would benefit me and open my eyes to new products and different ways of living.

If you have any recommendations then please do comment below.

Kaya •

6 thoughts on “September Birchbox Review (unwanted box)”

    1. Thank you. I picked Birchbox because of the wonderful reviews. I’ve since looked at others blogs and vlogs, and can’t get my head round why people are so overwhelmed with the products, I think sometimes being enthusiastic and a little fake can seem more appealing as if they’re convincing themselves. Like I said, it wasn’t for me, but might be great for other

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