Birchbox August Review

Happy Wednesday all,

I have always been a bit hesitant when purchases mystery boxes/monthly boxes as you can either be pleasently surprised, and received some amazing products or you can feel cheated, disappointment and a waste of money.

I can be creature of habit, so when I run out of my beauty products, I tend to purchase the same ‘go to’ items as I know what suits my skin, and that I’ll be happy with the result.

The reason why I decided to purchase a Birchbox was because I wanted to try out new products at a fraction of the price, and without reading reviews, or being influenced by what I see on the website.

When signing up to my Birchbox, I was asked about my skin care routine, what items I use the most, and what ones are important to my everyday look.

I was eager to receive my goodies not knowing what was going to arrive, and after about a week this bad boy turned up. The box contained 5 items, some full size and others a sample size, not bad for the starting price of £7.95 (including p&p)

Luseta Coconut Milk Hair Mask

The first item I tried was the hair mask, and man, it smells incredible.
As soon as I opened the box the scent hit me like a wave. I only got 2 uses out of the products as I have quite long hair. Once I had washed the conditioner out, it still left a slight smell but it felt as if I hadn’t conditioned my hair. After using a good conditioner my hair is easy to comb, but with this it just felt wet and tangled. After blow drying my hair, like alot of products the scent had faded away, and by the next morning I could hardly smell it. It wasn’t the worst product, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone with thick hair.

Model Co Baked Highlighter

The Model Co highlighter came as a very small sample. I was sent the shade ‘Moonshine’. It is a shimmery deep pink with gold and cream blends.
I patted the highlighter with a brush but hardly anything was sticking. I was a little heavier handed with it and had to layer the product for it to show on my skin which was still very faint. The picture of the highlighter on my finger tip took me rubbing the product vigirously to get that effect. It was disappointing as it was a stunning colour.
I wasn’t impressed with this, or the fact that the full size product retails at a whopping £25.

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenrating Sleeping Mask

The cream had a very faint scent, which unfortunately smelt nothing like sweet pomegranate. I used this mask on my face twice in the week, and it left my face feeling, refreshed, very soft and hydrated.
The mask was thick and silky.
I would recommend buying this cream, although it was slightly on the pricey side, retailing at £14.90 for the 30ml (full size) tube.

The Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow Crayon

This crayon is a gorgeous creamy gold shade and came in the colour ‘Fetch’ (who else instantly thought Mean Girls?). It is an easy application and a beautiful finish but unfortunately it isn’t long wear. The packaging and the product itself looks quite cheap.
After about 2 or 3 hours the colour had almost disappeared. The colour had sunk into creases onto my eyelid which looked awful. The following day I applied the eyeshadow again but slightly thicker but got the same result.
This product retails at £10.50 which is extremely expensive for what it is, considering I’ve bought a similar and better product at poundland.

The final product (no drum roll here) is the

Polaar Velvety Sun Fluid Face and Body

In all honesty, I haven’t used this product.

I do agree that it is important to look after your skin and wear suncream, but that’s just common sense.

The cream doesn’t have that lovely, holiday smell, it almost smells as if it should be fragrance free. Not overly pleasent. I’m sure, many will agree with me that a handbag sized suncream is rather underwhelming to receive at anytime, especially in a beauty box.

I told myself when purchasing the box that regardless of what I received, that I would subscribe for 3 months. Well that didn’t happen, and yesterday I cancelled my subscription.

There’s a dozen other beauty boxes out there and I’d rather spend my month each month trying and testing out one of those.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the items in the box, especially after a bit of research, I’ve found that a few of these products have been included in Birchboxes through of the year, which means that they just rotate the stock instead of sending next and exciting products. The first box is sent at a discount price of £5 with £2.95 delivery, every month after that the box costs £10 with an additional £2.95 delivery charge.

Each box sent out will be slightly different, and everyone will have their different options, but the Birchbox just wasn’t for me.

Please let me know if you have purchased a Birchbox before and what your opinion was, and if there are any other beauty boxes that you would recommend me buying.

Kaya •

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