Mia’s End of Season Sale

Arriving at a sale as soon as the doors open, not to miss a good deal, isn’t really my bag.
Until today.

Mia is a boutique with beautiful clothes, shoes, handbags and jewellery, that are good quality and at an affordable price.

This morning they held a sale where all items were £10 or less.
Of course, you’d think, that’s insane, and that they’d have left over unwanted stock in all the wrong sizes that no-one wants. But this was not the case. There were some lovely pieces in the sale, but there was only one or two of each size of the item, this is something I realised quickly, and man, I got some absolute bargains!

The first item to catch my eye was this beautiful navy patterned halter neck dress. The dress is full length, so it’ll keep out a draft on breezier days, in the last few weeks of summer. And If I don’t get a chance to wear it, then it’ll be a new piece for next summers wardrobe.

The next item I found was one that I’ve seen many times, but never had the guts to wear.
Although it is a simple jumper with a shirt and collar, I would look at this item and instantly think ‘school girl’. And the fact that it has a detailed collar, is way out of my comfort zone. Another style that I’ve wanted to try but always looked too ‘preppy’. The beaded collar was pretty nd delicate, and s e elling point. I’m thrilled with my purchase and to try 2 new looks in 1.

A cardigan is my go to look for autumn and winter. I pair them with jeans, dresses, skirts, with boots, or heels, they’re the perfect go to item. I had a few colours to choose from, but thought I’d get the most wear out if a classic striped black, white and cream cardigan.

My last, and favourite piece is this Navy and white blazer. I’m a sucker for blazers. They’re smart, effortless and a key item for every wardrobe. I’ve never been brave enough to own one that isn’t just a block colour, but I thought this one was a beauty. When I was taking pictures, I did burst into laughter when it hits me that it reminded me of Bettlejuice.
(One of my favourite films, with one of my favorite actors, with an iconic suit… So is it really a bad thing?)
Anyway, I look forward to strutting in this for every occasion I can get away with.

The sale was well worth it, and the four items cost an amazing £36.00! What a steal!

Let me know what items are your weakness in a sale, and what you look for first.

Kaya •

1 thought on “Mia’s End of Season Sale”

  1. I love the fall fashion! It’s my favorite fashion season of the year. Seeing all the earthy tones of browns, reds, and oranges make me so happy. Earthy tones like that really make my blue eyes stick out a little more, which I love haha. Loved reading! 💙

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