Make your own dreams come true

Yesterday morning, something happened.
Something I thought, realistically thought would NEVER happen.
I did it. I let the child come out to play, with the adults bank card, and I booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris!

For years id been toying with the idea. Would it be as magical as I’ve always wanted it to be.

Is it really ‘The happiest place on Earth‘?

My bank account doesn’t think so mid month, but as soon as it was confirmed, I screamed with excitement and with no regrets. Am I taking any children with me? No. This is purely just for my own enjoyment and to experience something I’ve wanted to for as long as I can remember.

The main reason why I thought I may never visit Disney, is because of the cost.
Bills, food, car, dentist, new jeans, home appliances, there always seems to be something to pay for.

You work so hard to be able to be independent and pay your way, and sometimes forget to take time to reward yourself.

I believe that you are never to old to live out what you’ve always wanted to as a child. And a trip to meet Mickey, Minnie, and all the other characters that have given me so many warm childhood (and adulthood) memories, is essential.

Luckily I have a few Disneyland and Disney world friends who are able to advise me, so that I can get the best possible out of my trip.

Recommendations on where to eat, what time to visit certain locations, what to wear for the rides, what to book in advance etc.

This is truly a dream come true, and yes, I will be in Mickey ears from the second I wake until the minute that I arrive home.

Please comment if you have to been to Disneyland or world and can offer any advice or tips.

Kaya •

5 thoughts on “Make your own dreams come true”

  1. I am happy for you. I can see your joy through your writing. Fortunately for me I live in Florida which allowed me to go on numerous occasions – probably about 100 times – and sometimes just day trips. I think we had taken it for granted being so close. I’m not a big roller-coaster type person but enjoy just walking around, taking in all the architecture, sites and sounds, and enjoy watching people from all over the world enjoying special time with their families. The landscape, cleanliness and sheer beauty are exquisite. We usually take a small backpack with water and snacks. I then refill my water bottle once empty. We typically eat before entering and then eat in one of the fast food (not so fast though) restaurants. They have a decent price on menu items. They are usually pretty crowded so I’ll go before or after the expected crowd. I’ve eaten in some of the theme restaurants but they are expensive. Most people who don’t go often will attempt to get there at opening time and head to the most popular attractions first. I feel for those who spend so much money to experience Disney and end up standing in lines for hours. Anyway, these are some of my initial thoughts. I’m not sure how different Disney Paris is to Disney World in Orlando but I’m sure there are many similarities. You’ll enjoy the time. Allow yourself to get caught up in the adventure, fairy, tomorrow lands as well as the theme rides.

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